Online tools for Talent Development and Surveys

Scorion: The new way to develop talent


How do you ensure that students and professionals can clearly see how their skills are developing? Would you like to receive 360-degree feedback or peer-feedback based on your own competency definitions or would you prefer to use existing competencies?


Does this sound interesting to you, even when the curriculum is complex, the competencies vary, and skills are assessed in 10 different ways? The Scorion platform offers the solution. Whether you require E-learning, E-portfolio or online learning, it is all possible with Scorion. The versatility and flexibility of the platform translates into simple dashboards for both students and teachers. The Portfolio can easily be used via the App. Students and professionals learn faster and develop all the skills required. The quality of your education becomes transparent, measurable, and visible (online).

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Who is Scorion intended for?

Scorion is suitable for almost any type of education; vocational training, university, company training, or nursing school, for example.Isala

A professional who wishes to develop his or her skills or a student attending school can view his/her progress in the learning process at a single glance. All learning and developmental activities are recorded in a simple way in the Scorion skills platform and in this way not only the end results are visible, but also the learning process itself. As a result, you can make quick and timely adjustments, optimizing learning efficiency.

Teachers and coaches can follow the process, review, provide feedback, and view the progress of the student on the dashboard whenever necessary, both quantitatively (is the student on track with the number of learning activities?) and qualitatively.

Managers are able to view on the dashboard information which is required to monitor the quality of teaching and learning. All results can be easily exported or displayed in a report with interactive graphs. You can create this report as a PDF file, or export the data to Excel or as a SPSS-file. In addition the results of the report can be used in a new form.

How does it work?

Scorion is an online platform with more than 20 different types of assessment. You can use it as a portfolio to review and evaluate your progress and also as an anonymous feedback instrument. The platform is designed to suit your own curriculum. This can be done on your own, with help or with us upon request. Our educational experts will be pleased to help you.

The platform supports a new method of talent development, following these steps: act, measure, reflect, receive feedback, analyze and develop further. Peer-learning also plays an important role in this. You can view your colleagues’ progress and also provide peer-feedback. All data in Scorion are variable. As a result, the platform provides you with a wealth of valuable learning and developmental information.

Scorion is the first online platform that provides real-time insight into the learning process. All required learning experiences, assessments, or activities are registered on the platform. In this way everything is a variable. All information can be made measurable and comprehensible on a dashboard. You can see how much work someone has done, but you can also simultaneously view their evaluation of the activity (or of multiple activities and people at the same time). Meeting reports can also be added. Both qualitative and quantitative progress can be viewed. You are the owner and can monitor progress at any given time. You can easily import students and professionals into Scorion, or link them to an address book. Scorion operates in a private cloud and complies with the highest security standards.

Developments in the future

A huge amount of data is collected in Scorion. The data belong to you and to the world of education. You can obtain as much analysis of learning form this as you wish. Using the ‘medium data’, educational programs will improve significantly in the coming years, and allow the user to develop a greater understanding of how learning and education actually function. Furthermore, you can generate large amounts of educational data with Scorion, which are very useful for improving the quality of education or for research purposes. This year we expect to complete the first i-watch application…