Recommendations and references

Parantion works for several large, well known organizations but we also welcome smaller organizations. We cater for every organization that collects and records data digitally, or wishes to do so, and wants to translate these data into answers to questions. The fact that large organizations, including civic authorities, companies, schools and hospitals work with Parantion’s tools, testifies to the quality of the tools and to the security and reliability with which Parantion handles information. Below you will find a selection of organizations we have collaborated with recently.



Radboud University Nijmegen

University of Amsterdam

Delft University of Technology

University of Groningen

Saxion University of Applied Science

Windesheim University of Applied Science

Fontys University of Applied Science

Also many other universities in the Netherlands



University Medical Centre Groningen

Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen

Isala Clinic Zwolle

Also many other hospitals in the Netherlands



Centre for work and income Netherlands (CWI)

Police Academy Netherlands

Dutch Department of Defence