Parantion: The organization

Parantion has created online tools since 1999. At Parantion we have a clear vision of our products and methods, and of our relationships with our colleagues.

What do we create?

The Parantion online tools are characterized by the fact that they are always accessible using the Internet. Because we create our software with the Internet in mind, our software is never ‘out of date’. The software is fast, secure, reliable, and can be configured, allowing it to be easily compatible with the processes in your organization, without the requirement of additional programming.

Vision and mission

Our vision is based on three elements: insight, people, and variables.

Knowledge and insight increase quality. Our mission is to provide people within organizations with better insight into what is happening around them. We aim to present a clear overview of statistical and social processes, and as a result improve the quality of decision making.

Our products focus on the development of people. We believe in taking time and care to develop our products and we not only use our tools to support the development of our users, but also for the continuous development of own organization.

Variables are the building blocks of our products. Everything is a variable!

Is that the driving force behind Parantion?

Yes, it is, if you consider that Parantion was founded on the philosophy that images are able to explain a lot more than numbers, and that online tools and technology can truly contribute to more useful information and improved accessibility. This ultimately achieves a better balance between what you want to measure and that what is finally measured.


Roel Smabers CEO

Bas Aalpoel CTO/CIO